“Spectacle of Spectrum” One man exhibition

ORIE Art Gallery 2019.12.3~14

The colorful world of light spectrum was presented with full color LED and the changing of the angle of two dichroic mirrors between 30 and 120 degrees.



Art Festiva of Aizu Urushi

at 20ken Kura (11m RiceWarehouse) Kitakata City Fukishima prefecture 

Collaboration with Katsuto Miyahara and Hosoya Urushi Factry

W 7.5m×D38m×H4m

The Light Installation by 6minuets program.

material : LED, Arduino Program, PA system  etc.

October and November  2012

Vertical and Horizontal

Water and Land Art Festival

2009.08.22〜10.17 Niigata City


GROUND – Fullness in the earth –

My work“Ground”is a space that has been created into a device, which captures gramma rays that are radiated from underground before then converting then into light. During an earthquake swarm, the electromagnetic waves that are radiated from the strata activate the air and then emit light, in a way that is similar to an aurora that is created by the solar winds. 

The heavens and the earth are the sources of countless radial rays that possess the temporal settings of the past. For us human beings that exist in the space in between heaven and earth,‘ground’not considered chaotic, but functions as a‘background’whereby we can look closely at our own state of being.

6 Nov – 28 Nov 2006

Smell and Sound

Project to exchange Zurich and Tokyo’s environment ( smell and sound ).

with Gunter Vogt, Kazutaka Tazaki and Jurgen Cluz

Apotheke Gallery Zurich,  Gallery Kingyo Tokyo

October to December  2006

material: Gunma ray detector, PA system  etc.


Scintillator, photomultiplier, LED

Support: The Japan Foundation, Pola art Promoting Foundation, and Belrimmitte district cultural promotion fund 

Cooperation: Berlin museum education service, church cultural promotion committee, and BRONSINSKY&KOPP 

Backup: Japanese embassy

20 Dec 2003 – 31 Jan 2004

St, Elisabeth Kirche BERLIN