Lighting up for The Museum of Modern Art Saita

I symbolized a museum, the culture birthplace, with light. 

Sharp lighting is turned to the sky at the entrance with crossing concrete beams. (Architecture by Kisho Kurokawa.) Furthermore, silhouettes of front trees of Museum and green transmission by the backlight are spread. 

*2kwHMIx6, 2kw xenon-searchlightx2

photo by Min Pyonkun

Saitama Modern Musium (Saitama)

ART TOWER Mito Lighting up Project


ART TOWER MITO is consists of the ATM concert hall, Contemporary art museum and the ACM theater and it’s architected by Arata Isozaki at 1990.

The general director is Conductor Seiji Ozawa.

Eleven’s light scenes are prepared throughout the year.

At the concert, the scene of light changes due to the magnificence of clapping.


Wood · Light · Water

Art Project of the Arc at Wood

Aizu Mishima Town Fukushima prefecture  2016~2017

Light art exhibition used only renewable energy from Micro Water Generator and Heat Generator by Peltier element at FUKUSHIMA.

by Aizu mishima renewable energy research group +University of Tsukuba Faculty of Art


Domestic exhibition for L’EAU D’ISSEY (water of ISSEY), perfume for men.

“Flow, Water, Light, Wind, and Scent”. 

20 bottles of perfume are placed on the windows of 20m-length steel box. Each bottle is lighted up with an inside FL lamp of the box and a Halogen-spotlight from the ceiling. The basic light is sun streaming through the leaves of the trees to the floor and the wall. Day light changed gradually from morning with the sun movement. Simultaneously, drift of people and flow of fragrance created good atmosphere of the hall.

1995 Exhibition of L’EAU D’ ISSEY POUR HOMME

The lighting plan of Tateyama Museum

The theme of Tateyama Museum in Toyama prefecture designed by architect Kijyo Rokkaku is heaven and hell in the religion in a mountain. The museum shows us that world not by exhibition, but by telling to visitors’ mind with space, light, scent and sound. The lighting is completely programmed and many kinds of light sources are used for it.

Tateyama Museum(Toyama Tateyama)